There is a lot of freelancers. For the unskilled eye, they may all look the same. And when signing members onto a project, the hard reality is, signup is usually a no-return situation because the time schedule will not allow replacentment later.

Clearly I have been on many projects. It should also be clear, "I take my own medicin". In the sense that I personally use a lot of the technology (expert DNS/SSL setup) I otherwise practice at work. Not all people do this. Not all situations requires this. But again, if you want necessity proven for security, you should wait until systems are hacked. So I dont see perfection as enemy of getting things done. But basic fact is, this should demonstrate, that I act proactively.

So it all comes down to... You have people, who move proactively on their own... you have people who will only move on instruction... and some dont move at all...

Naturally projects are fully entitled to decide on their own, what they need. I respect that. But with professionally working solutions, you are going to "miss out" a lot of fun... coming up with new excuses for each project delay... budget overruns... "beautifying" test reports... making promises, you know, you cannot keep... handling customer complaints by hiding the support email address... explaining it's normal, projects always have an imperfect startup period before the esential parts work...

If you know what kind of project you want, then you also know what profiles, you should prefere

And it doesnt hurt to get someone with a positive "we'll fix this" attitude either.

There's IS a difference - and the project decides!

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